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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to personally thank you SO MUCH for your order of Nano Towels/Nano Sponges! A little about us--we are a family owned and operated American company committed to creating products and innovations that make the biggest differences in your health, conserving our natural resources and saving you money.

We don’t have time to explain all there is to know on our GMA presentation, so we wanted to make you aware of how to use your product(s) so you can get the most benefit from them, and answer some typically asked customer questions for you.

Q. What about disinfection of bacteria and viruses? Will the NanoTowels®/ NanoSponges® sanitize the surface I am cleaning?

A. Cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing. In most cases, cleaning surfaces with the Nano Towels/Nano Sponges and water is adequate. It removes dirt and most of the germs, just like commonly used soaps, sprays and paper towels.

You always want to clean the surfaces first. But during flu season and when someone is sick in the house or showing symptoms, completely sanitizing after cleaning provides an extra margin of safety, and is recommended.

Contrary to popular belief, most household chemicals surfactants help in cleaning, but aren't actually disinfectants unless they specifically claim that they are, so don't just assume. Only the harshest ones disinfect--like bleach and ammonia (amongst a few others). But this also has a downside. These chemicals can get into your foods, your skin, your lungs and can even be consumed by unsuspecting pets or children. They should never be mixed with other chemicals.

Hydrogen peroxide is a safer sanitizer. The CDC reports that it has the ability to kill or inactivate bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast and fungi, and it does it with far fewer health risks associated with harsher chemicals. Alcohol (ethyl and isopropyl) is also effective in 60-90% solutions and largely safe.

Hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe to use in conjunction with your Nano Towels, and it sanitizes the towel and the surface you are cleaning. After cleaning with your Nano Towels, you can simply spray on surfaces you are concerned about. A USDA study showed that heating Hydrogen Peroxide to 130°F (55°C) increases its effectiveness even more.

You can also use bleach or ammonia if you want. Just understand the risks, be extremely careful when using them, and make sure to never mix them with each other or any other chemical.

After cleaning, you can put your Nano Towels/Nano Sponges in the microwave. Putting them in the microwave for 1 minute on medium will kill any germs that the Nano might have pulled off a surface you cleaned. This can be done for expediency if you cleaned up a big mess and didn't feel like throwing them in the washer and dryer right away.

Wash the Nano Towels regularly in your washing machine to keep them clean, just make sure to never use fabric softener with them.

Q. Can I replace the majority of my paper towel usage with the NanoTowels® and NanoSponges®?

A. Yes. This is why the Nano Towels are also known as The Permanent Paper Towel®. You can reduce your paper towel usage by 70-80% by modifying your cleaning habits. Use your Nano Towels to soak up big spills, then rinse them out in the sink and reuse. Instead of paper towels and sprays, just use the Nano Towels and water to clean. You’ll find you only need to use paper towels for truly disposable messes, and you won’t need to use them anywhere near as frequently as you used to. Some customers have phased them out entirely.

Q. Is it true that the NanoTowels® and NanoSponges® come with a 1-Year WARRANTY? I have never heard of a towel or a sponge with a warranty.

A. Yes, it's true. The Nano products are such a high quality and effective cleaning instruments, they are the only cleaning products of any kind that we are aware of to be fully backed by a 1-year limited warranty. But you must register it to be valid. Please follow the directions on the package, or register directly at:

Q. What surfaces can I use the NanoTowels® and NanoSponges® for?

A. Just about any surface. The NanoTowels clean using only water, no chemicals. Here are what our customers tell us they LOVE the Nano Towels for to give you some ideas: You can use them on wood, tile, granite, stone, chrome, etc. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, office, on/in your car, RV or boat, You can use them for soaking up spills, dusting, cleaning countertops, toilets, car windows, shower glass, windows, mirrors, storm doors, wood cabinets--and on and on.

The Nano Towels Stainless is best used for polishing (you guessed it) stainless steel surfaces, appliances, utensils, cookware, sinks, etc. It is also good for polishing and cleaning other metals.

Here are what you can use the Nano Sponges for: You can use them for typical kitchen sponge uses, like in the sink on pots, dishes, utensils and cleaning countertops. But they can be used for so much more like on baseboards, wood, stainless steel, tile, granite, stone, chrome, grout, etc. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, workroom, deck, office. You can use them for toilets, car windows, shower glass, windows, mirrors, storm doors, wood cabinets--and on and on.

Q. Can I really replace my big basket of cleaning chemical surfactants?

A. You absolutely can. Try it for yourself. The Nano Towels and Nano Sponges will clean virtually any surface using only water, and you can reduce your paper towel usage up to 80% saving you even more money. You can apply hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on the surface at the end of the cleaning process to fully sanitize for an extra margin of safety. Clean first, then sanitize.

Q. What gives you the best results when cleaning with the NanoTowels®?

A. Typically all you need to do is take one damp (not soaked) NanoTowel to wipe over the surface you want clean-- like glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless, granite, etc.--then you go over that same area with a DRY Nano Towel. The damp Nano loosens, breaks down and removes most dirt and debris, and the dry Nano finishes the job, polishes the area clean and removes any streaking.

Q. What gives you the best results when cleaning with the NanoSponges?

A. The NanoSponge is a 2-in-1 cleaner, with a non-scratch scrubby side and a smooth cleaning/polishing side. Typically all you need to do is moisten with water--then use the scrubby side to loosen and break down dirt and debris, and simply wipe it away and polish the surface clean with the smooth side.

Q. What are the NanoTowels® and NanoSponges® made from? What makes them unlike any other fiber?

A. The NanoTowels® NanoSponges® are special cleaning instruments made from a unique and proprietary fabric called Nanolon®. Nanolon® fiber has proven in independent laboratory testing to clean as well as major brand-name cleaning chemicals and paper towels using only water. No other fiber can make that claim. You can use them on an enormous variety of surfaces and clean completely chemical free, using only water to clean.

Q. Can the NanoTowels be used on my dry mop to replace those expensive disposable pads?

A. We have heard from MANY customers that do this with excellent results. The NanoTowel is large enough to wrap around the bottom and tuck into the hole on the top of the mop head. The NanoTowels are larger than the head and there is a little overlap, but they still work great. You then get the same amazing cleaning results for your floor as you do the rest of your house without hurting your back. And after you clean, you can just wash it and use it hundreds of times. No more spending money on disposable pads, and much better for the environment!

Q. What do I do when the NanoTowels® and NanoSponges® themselves get dirty? How do I clean them?

A. For the Nano Towels, you can use detergent in your washer if you like, but we recommend using vinegar as it is an all-natural antibacterial and a softener. The most important item to avoid in both washing and drying is fabric softeners, they will clog the pores in the fiber and will make the towels less effective. You can wash them in any water temperature you prefer.

For the Nano Sponges, you can just throw them in your dishwasher (not clothes washer) to clean them whenever they get dirty. We also recommend that you regularly put them in the microwave damp for 1 minute to kill any pathogens that the NanoSponges happen to pick up over the course of cleaning.

Both are phenomenal cleaning tools, and with a little TLC, will give you a long life of service.

Q. I've been washing it by hand and letting it dry. Should I throw it in the dryer?

A. You can wash the Nano Towels by hand or in the washing machine. You can also put the Nano Towels (but not the Nano Sponge) in the dryer, but don't ever use fabric softener as it will degrade the material by clogging the pores in the fiber. You can add some white vinegar to the wash, it is an all natural antibacterial and softener. Also, do not wash with linting fabric, because the Nano Towels will trap some of the lint in its fibers.

Q. Can you use the NanoTowel® as a wash cloth, bath towel, and/or for cleaning your skin?

A. The absorbency and unique cleaning characteristics of Nanolon fiber makes it a natural for personal care use as well. We have developed a special line of Nano Towel personal care products for your face, skin and hair. The product available in this sale is the Nano Towels Makeup Remover. Using harsh chemicals and alcohols to remove makeup and clean your face can cause serious skin damage over time. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Makeup, soaps, chemicals, sunscreen and cosmetics--including the daily build up of oils, dirt and grime, all build up inside our pores. We think that taking a shower or washing our face cleans it, but it's not enough. The Nano Towel is a game changer for your skin, because it actually gets deep into your pores and pulls all of the gunk out without damage to your face or skin. You are left with miraculously deep cleaned skin.

Q. Can I use the NanoSponge as an exfoliating scrub sponge for my skin in the shower?

A. The soft side is excellent for personal care use since it can absorb so much water and suds, but the scrubby side may be a little rough on sensitive skin (except for feet or other tough skin). We have developed a special line of Nano Towel BODY personal care products for your skin and hair, including an exfoliator.