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About us

The Breakthrough Fiber That Is Revolutionizing Safe and Healthy Cleaning!

The Nano Towels® and Nano Sponges® were created with one goal in mind--to revolutionize the way people clean that is safer, easier, healthier, less expensive and better for the environment.

The Nano Towels® and Nano Sponges® are chemical free cleaning tools made from proprietary Nanolon® fiber that Cleans With Only Water®.

They can help people who suffer from chemical allergies and sensitivities, and save them money on cleaners and paper towels over time. They're convenient and easy to use. You no longer have to lug a big, heavy bucket of chemicals and paper towels to get your cleaning jobs done. [See FAQ for sanitizing instructions].

You can replace 70-80% (or more) of your paper towel usage-- which is why the Nano Towels are also known as The Permanent Paper Towel® 

We are passionate about giving people an alternative to cleaning chemicals and personal care products that are healthier for you, safer for your home and better for the planet. We hope you love them too, and help us to spread the word about this new way to clean.

Thank you so much for trying something new and helping us to change the Nano at a time!

Marc and the Nano Team

Thank you very much for your order! We know you will love your Nano Towels! Your order will ship within 3 business days and you will receive an email with tracking information at the time of shipment.

One purchase per item per person and/or household address only. Excessive orders will be cancelled. Deal is for end users only. Unauthorized reselling is prohibited and in violation of your purchasing agreement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken numerous measures to ensure the safety of our workers and our customers. All employees are required to practice social distancing in all aspects of the shipping process in our warehouse. They also are required to wear masks and gloves when packing your orders. No member of the public or even shippers are allowed inside the main warehouse at any time. The orders are processed and moved in bulk to a specified loading dock where they are picked up by the courier and delivered to you.

We are grateful for your business and for supporting the livelihoods of our hardworking American men and women. We are committed to keeping our staff fully employed and prosperous. Your purchases help us to do that. We hope the Nano Towels prove to be an indispensable tool for keeping your home clean and your family safe. Thank you very much.